Covid-19 Response

From 1st September 2020, Chris Ogden Education will resume a modified school improvement service.
Chris can be contacted via email and phone in the usual way.
How the customer service will be affected:


One-to-one and meetings requiring up to 3 people will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines (see below), but may also be delivered remotely, where necessary.


Where numbers of attendees exceed 3 people (e.g. a staff meeting), and where it is necessary for people to physically attend, the 2 metres social distancing separation should be maintained at all times (subject to any changes in government guidance).
To avoid transmission during meetings, pens, documents and other equipment will not be shared by Chris Ogden Education. Any required documentation (e.g. Powerpoints and handouts) will be emailed prior to the meeting.
Schools will be required to provide hand sanitiser, good ventilation and signage to help people maintain social distancing. Typically, this will apply to meetings and face to face sessions in school.
In order to reduce the risk of transmission between staff, meeting delivery times will be reduced to 1 hour. This will not affect the amount of content to be delivered, but Chris will not be offering face to face discussion opportunities within the meetings, in line with the mitigating actions guidance.
How employees will be protected
We will follow the host school’s established responsibilities and procedures (e.g. new routines for signing in on arrival).
In line with government guidance on working in indoor environments, Chris Ogden Education ask that the school keeps the record of our entry and exit.
All of the above is subject to change, in accordance with government guidance.


Lilleshall Primary School

“Chris has enabled us to externally monitor the progress and achievement of our pupils, ensuring our judgements are accurate. This has assisted us in identifying the next steps required for individual teachers, key stages, and the whole school focus to further improve provision for our pupils.

Outstanding value for money!”

Christobel Cousins, Headteacher, Lilleshall Primary School

John Fletcher Primary, Telford

“Hi Kate and Chris,
I had to email to thank you so much for the most amazing course yesterday. It could also have been marketed as a mental health day as I left feeling inspired, motivated and most importantly resourced to enhance the lives of our children.
I feel very privileged to be part of your courses and know that this will have a huge impact on our school.
Please continue with courses like this and I look forward to part two of ‘Getting it Right’.”

Rhonda, John Fletcher Primary, Telford

Old Park Primary School

“We have worked with Chris for a number of years and have always found his support and advice invaluable. He is very approachable, tailors training to the needs of our school, and has a willingness to think outside the box and try something new. No challenge is too great for him!
Teachers love any CPD lead by Chris because sessions are always fun, inspiring, well-resourced and packed with practical ideas that they can immediately try in the classroom.”

Mandie Haywood, Headteacher, Old Park Primary School

Hadley Learning Community

“Just a quick message to say ‘Thank you’ for your time, effort and energy with the training this week.
We have some brilliant feedback – I am currently collating it and will forward you a copy in preparation for the next round of training.”

Rachel, Hadley Learning Community

Tibberton Primary

“Hello Chris and Kate,

I hope you are both well! I just wanted to say thank you for all the ideas on the course on lower key stage 2. I’ve never been on a course specifically on year 3/4 before and I found it so helpful to check what I should be doing for both year groups.
I have already implemented a few of the many suggestions and it’s been really good to see all the children understanding it and being able to use it in their work.”

Grace, Tibberton Primary

Meadows Primary School and Nursery School

“Due to the invaluable support given by Chris, our teachers have developed in confidence, both with their creative teaching of English and their knowledge of expected and greater depth within the different year groups. Standards and expectations in Literacy continue to rise, as a result of Chris’s guidance and support.”

Karen Tearle, Senior Leader, Meadows Primary School and Nursery School